I recently announced major Theta website enhancements in an issue of Theta News. Never ones to be idle, our IT team has continued to work on even more enhancements, a few of which I am pleased to share with you today. As you review these most recent enhancements, notice that they include improvements to both the Subscription and Manager websites, thus making it easier to not only find and compare active investment strategies on the database, but also to manage your own strategies if you are among our tracked models. Here are our most recent improvements: * On both the subscriber and manager sites, we have upgraded our benchmark for the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index to the Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund (VBMFX). This replaces the iShares Bond ETF (AGG) benchmark which can drift significantly. We’re also proud to announce that this change was the result of direct input from one of our tracked Investment Managers. * Another manager requested modification was to use the S&P 500 Total Return Index rather than the price index on both the Subscription and Manager websites. * And yet another subscriber-requested improvement is to offer a 50/50 Equity/Bond benchmark in addition to the existing 60/40 allocation. * Switching over to the Manager side, we have enhanced the use of our unique Guest Pass feature by allowing Managers to enter a date range to review. Just as a reminder, here are all of the other recently announced enhancements to the Theta Research Subscriber Site: • Complete Site Face Lift – Font sizes have been increased and color schemes standardized, making data and analytics easier to read; • Enhanced Report Formats – Page layouts are now simple, clean and efficient; • Faster Page Loading – Data retrieval and metric calculation speed have been dramatically increased, especially for models with long track records; • Standardized Performance Rankings – All rankings are now based on month-end values; • Daily Performance Still Available – For those strategies tracked on a daily basis, detailed statistics and analytics are still available on the individual program pages; • Easy to Navigate Model Statistics – Tabbed pages make it easier to find performance and risk statistics for all models; • Mobile Device Friendly – Now you can check in with your favorite Investment Managers and run ranking reports using your smart phone or other mobile device; and • Expanded Analytics – Added benchmarks and statistical analytics are available to aid in evaluation and comparison of model. We here at Theta Research are excited about our new, streamlined websites. The bottom line is if you are not taking advantage of Theta’s subscription services, you’re really missing out. If nothing else, the recent market volatility should convince you of the need for strategies with the flexibility to move in and out of the markets. To learn more, check out our Subscription Page describing both our Professional and Basic subscriptions options. The bottom line is that you can have access to some of the most well-known active managers in the industry all for a cost as little as $195. So, what are you waiting for? The next market correction could be a real bear! As always, should you have any questions about Theta’s enhanced subscriptions or suggestions for future enhancements, feel free to contact me at (512) 628-5201, Option #1 or by e-mail at mike@thetaresearch.com.

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