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Choose between two different subscription levels. The Professional Subscription includes access to all of Theta’s performance database, analysis and special features. If you are an Investment Advisor, Broker or other financial professional seeking active investment managers to supplement your own management skills, the Professional Subscription will be the best option for you.

The Basic Subscription is likely most appropriate if you are an individual investor searching for investment managers to include in your own portfolio. The Basic Subscription offers access to all of the performance data and analysis Theta is known for, but does not include some of the more sophisticated features found in the Professional Subscription.

Professional Basic
Daily access to a dynamic repository of data on actual, actively managed investment models.
Ranked performance and risk statistics on actively managed investment models, updated daily from data on real money accounts.
Detailed charts and tables, updated daily, containing historical performance and risk data on each model being tracked.
Filter model rankings to display only those models that fall within certain statistical ranges, such as by performance, drawdown, inception date, etc.
Qualitative data and descriptions on the firms managing the investment models and on the investment models themselves, including contact information for the managers.
Mark certain models as “favorites” to allow quick and easy follow up on models from managers you wish to regularly view.
Custom tracking of hypothetical combinations of investment models, with the ability to customize weightings and periodically rebalance the portfolio.
Run a correlation study on up to 10 models and compare it to the benchmark which will be used to determine up and down market periods.
Ability to establish custom monitoring parameters for any model in the database, with an email from us when a monitored investment model goes “out-of-parameter.”
Price $295/year $195/year
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While we all know that investment decisions should not be made solely on the basis of past results, Theta’s database allows you to see how money managers actually perform during historical market environments, which is an important element when evaluating any investment manager.

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Get a feel for the functionality of the Theta Database by walking through our Demo Site. The demo hides the real names of programs and managers, but the reports, rankings and analytics are the same as those shown on the full database.

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