We at Theta Research are pleased to announce the addition of seven more actively managed investment strategies. Some are from Investment Managers that you know while others are new on Theta’s database. First, however, I’d like to remind you of what you’re missing if you haven’t subscribed to the Theta database.

As I have mentioned many times in the past, a Theta database subscription allows you to access the actual performance of innovative actively managed investment strategies, some of which may not be listed on any other performance tracking sites. Even better, Theta is often able to reconstruct historical track records of many of these strategies so performance on the Theta database is from their original inception dates.

This is best illustrated by our “Top Models” page, which lists the best total returns among a wide variety of time windows. This is the first web page you will see on our subscription site and it is likely to be the first clue that you will have of a new leader among Theta’s listed investment models.

Another benefit of tracking performance over a variety of time windows is that you can see the actual performance of Theta’s tracked managers during a wide variety of market environments. Let’s take performance in 2008 as an example. Now that this difficult year in the stock market is more than 10 years in the past, many buy-and-hold investment strategies are acting like it never happened.

At Theta Research, we not only have actual performance beyond 10 years in the past, we also have current numbers so you can see how each manager handled different market environments and time periods. Most impressive is that about half of our tracked Managers are updated on a daily basis, allowing you to follow the day-to-day performance of managers who are of interest to you and trade at Guggenheim/Rydex.

Best of all, Theta’s database subscriptions are a real bargain. Our Professional Subscription has all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a performance tracking website at a cost of only $295 per year. An alternative Basic Subscription is also available. As its name suggests, this subscription level doesn’t have all of the analytical tools available in the Professional Subscription, but still offers plenty of features that will allow you to effectively track the actual performance of some of the best active managers in the business.

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More new Actively Managed Strategies Added by Theta

As I noted above, we at Theta are very pleased to announce the addition of seven new actively managed investment strategies on the Theta database. First, Greg Towner, CFA, CMT and CIO of Parallel Financial in Greenville, SC added the 10-Stock and Endowment strategies to their stable of active models. Theta Research has independently verified the actual performance of both the 10-Stock and Endowment strategies back to their respective inception dates of January 1, 2015 and August 1, 2018.

James (“Jim”) Lee, CFP, CFA, CMT, APF, founder of Strategic Foresight Investments, LLC (StratFI) based in Wilmington, DE has established new tracking accounts for two strategies with the most interesting names that I have seen in a while. The Caffeinated and Decaffeinated Market Timing Systems have both been trading since November of 2015 and Theta Research has independently verified the performance of both models back to that inception date.

Craig Thompson, founder and president of Asset Solutions in Layfayette, LA has established tracking accounts for two strategies. The Conservative Strategy has been actively trading since November of 2015 while the Aggressive Strategy has an inception date of December of 2017. Theta Research has independently verified each strategy’s actual track record back to their respective inception dates.

Rich and Meghan Paul of Potomac Fund Management in Lakewood Ranch, FL have established another in their series of actively managed tracking accounts with the addition of EVO3. While just added for tracking purposes, EVO3 has been actively trading since its inception of January 5, 2015 and Theta Research has independently verified performance from that date.

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