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  • Daily access to a dynamic repository of data on actual, actively managed investment models.
  • Ranked performance and risk statistics on actively managed investment models, updated either daily or monthly from data on real money accounts.
  • Detailed charts and tables containing actual historical performance and risk data on each model being tracked.
  • Ability to compare performance with a wide variety of industry benchmarks.
  • Qualitative data and descriptions on the firms managing the investment models and on the investment models themselves, including contact information for the managers.

Theta Subscriptions are not pro-rated and are non-refundable. Professional Subscription - 1 yr

  • All of the data, analysis and functionality of the Basic Subscription, PLUS
  • Designation of certain models as “Favorites,” allowing more efficiently monitoring of those models of most interest.
  • Tracking of hypothetical combinations of investment models, with the ability to customize weightings and periodically rebalance the portfolio.
  • The ability to establish custom monitoring parameters for any model in the database, with an email from us when a monitored investment model goes “out-of-parameter.”

Theta Subscriptions are not pro-rated and are non-refundable.



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