It’s been a busy few weeks here at Theta Research since the NAAIM Uncommon Knowledge Conference. We have added seven new strategies to the list of tracked models, one with a track record going back to 1992. These strategies have come from new Investment Managers as well as new strategies from existing Managers. Included in that number are the following:

Models Added by Existing Theta Investment Managers

Dr. Gary Harloff, current Investment Manager and founder of Harloff Capital Management, announces the expansion of his University Beta Strategies, adding the Equity, High-Yield Bond and Government Bond models. This brings Harloff’s total number of tracked accounts to seven. All of these latest strategies are new and do not yet have three months of track record.

Another current Theta Investment Manager, Ryan Redfern, ChFC, owner and CIO of Shadowridge Asset Management, LLC has added a model named SDW Core 403(b) (mod-aggr) Strategy. Theta has established tracking of this model as of its inception date of October 1, 2013.

One of our newest Investment Managers, Carbon Beach Asset Management has added its Carbon Beach Concentrated Deep Value Strategy. This model will not appear on the public website due to its being limited to Accredited Investors. However, qualified investors and investment professionals may access this strategy via Theta’s Guest Pass by contacting Colin Macintosh or Toby Carlisle.

New Investment Managers Added to the Theta Database:

New Investment Manager, Steve Rumsey, founder and CIO of Optimus Advisory Group, has submitted his Tactical High-Yield Bond strategy for tracking. Theta Research has independently documented the track record of this model back to its original inception date of November 1, 2013.

Bruce P. DeLaurentis, founder of Kensington Analytics, LLC has submitted his High-Yield Bond strategy for tracking. This strategy’s track record has been independently verified by Theta Research back to its original inception date of January 1, 1992, making it the longest track record currently found on Theta’s database.

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