Denny L. Holmes, President and Portfolio Manager of Mission Control Investment Strategies, LLC, has established model portfolios named the MCIS Falcon, Eagle and Owl Strategies. Falcon is a combination equity long/short and bond model, Eagle is a sector rotation strategy and Owl is based on traditional asset allocation. A fourth model, the MCIS Moderate Portfolio is also being tracked and consists of a combination of the Eagle, Owl and Falcon models. These are relatively new models and Theta has established tracking as of their common inception date of 6/30/2015.

Current Theta Manager, Brian Boughner, CFA, CMT and co-founder of Parallel Financial Partners has announced the tracking of an additional model named the Parallel Long/Short Portfolio. This strategy takes long and short positions in individual securities and ETFs, and may simultaneously be long some securities while short others. Theta research began tracking the actual performance of this model as of its inception date of 6/30/2015.

Another current Theta Investment Manager, Ryan Redfern, ChFC, owner and CIO of Shadowridge Asset Management, LLC has added a model named SDW Enhanced Index Strategy that uses a rotational strategy based on a combination of long-term and short-term trends in the S&P 500 Index. This is a new model and Theta has established tracking as of its inception date of 7/23/2015.

Existing Investment Manager Troy Schield, CFS, BCS of Disciplined Wealth Management has submitted two additional models for tracking. The Concentrated Sector Model seeks to own the leading sectors in uptrends based on a quantitative model that combines relative strength analysis and individual sector signals. The Intense Sector Model employs a similar methodology but uses leveraged to provide a more aggressive exposure. Theta Research has verified the actual performance of the Concentrated Sector and Intense Sector models to their inception dates of 12/18/2013 and 6/30/2015, respectively.

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