2017 promises to be an interesting year in the markets. What with a new president, expected rate hikes by the Fed and a host of international challenges, an environment of uncertainty may be an understatement for the year ahead. Fortunately, the active management strategies of Theta’s Investment Managers offer the potential to navigate whatever market environment presents itself.

Theta Research is pleased to announce the addition of three more actively managed strategies seeking third-party track record verification. These strategies come from an existing Investment Manager as well as a former Manager who has initiated tracking of a new strategy. Included in that number are the following:

Models Added by an Existing Investment Manager on Theta:

Dr. George Paul Distefano, founder and Portfolio Manager of MIPS Timing Systems, LLC in Houston, Texas has added two new strategies. First is the MIPS/HiYld program, a trend-following approach to high-yield bond funds. Theta Research has independently verified the MIPS/HiYld actual performance back to its inception date of 12/01/2015. Dr. Distefano has also announced the addition of the MIPS33.33 strategy, which is a blend of 65% MIPS 3 and 35% MIPS Nitro strategies. The composite performance of MIPS33.33 has been verified back to the common inception date in September of 2013.

A New Active Model from a Former Investment Manager

Daniel Turov, founder of Turov Investment Group in San Diego, California formerly had active strategy models tracked by Theta. He has now initiated tracking of a new strategy called QIP, short for Qualified Investor Program. QIP is designed to be a non-annuity version of Turov’s sector strategy. Theta began tracking of this new strategy as of its inception date of January 1, 2017.

Stay Tuned – More New Strategies are on Their Way

One of the benefits of the Theta Research database of actual performance is that it is not a static list of the same old names and numbers. Instead, Theta has a number of new strategies in various stages of completion which will join the database of active Investment Managers in the near future. So, be on the lookout for our Theta News notices as they may contain just the Investment Manager you’re looking for.

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