Theta News – SEC Actions Highlight the Importance of Actual Performance

At Theta Research, we stress the need for actual performance data rather than backtested or other hypothetical returns. A recent article by the law firm of K&L Gates, LLP, discusses some of the recent SEC enforcement actions brought as a result of improper performance advertising by advisers.

Entitled, “Recent SEC Actions Highlight Adviser Responsibilities With Respect to Performance Advertising,” the article stresses the SEC’s views that:

1. Hypothetical or back-tested performance data should not be based on assumptions when actual historical data is available (emphasis added);

2. Investment advisers should maintain adequate backup for performance claims made in their advertisements, including claims based on information provided by third parties;

3. Disclosure that performance data is hypothetical or back-tested should be complete and prominently displayed with the performance data; and

4. The prohibition on past specific recommendations in advertising material contained in Section 206(4)-1(a)(5) of the Advisers Act, as modified by SEC guidance, continues to be an important investor protection tool the violation of which is subject to SEC enforcement.

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