The advantage of being able to reconstruct and verify historical track records has not been lost on a new crop of Investment Managers. Following are three new managers to Theta as well as an existing Manager with a new strategy:

J. Stuart Kruse, CFA, MBA, CEO and Founder of Kruse Asset Management is a new Theta Manager based in Chicago, IL. Stuart’s strategy is known as the KAM Quantitative Value Portfolio, or QVP for short. Theta Research has independently verified the KAM QVP track record back to its inception in May of 2007.

Another new Investment Manager is James P. O’Mealia, founder of Sunnymeath Asset Management, Inc. of Red Bank, NJ. Sunnymeath has enlisted Theta to track its All-Cap Value Equity model. Theta has documented and verified Sunnymeath’s strategy back to its inception in April of 2012.

Douglas S. MacKay, CFA and William F. (Bill) Hoover are principals of Broadleaf Partners, LLC in Hudson, OH. Broadleaf has submitted its Growth Equity Portfolio for tracking by Theta Research. Theta has reconstructed and verified the Growth Equity Portfolio track record back to its inception of March 1, 2010.

Current Theta Investment Manager, Brian Boughner, co-founder of Parallel Financial Partners has added another strategy to be tracked by Theta. The Value Plus Strategy is a new model and Theta has established tracking as of its inception date of September of 2016.

NAAIM Announces its 2016 Outlook Conference -

The Impact of Technology on Marketing and Trading

The National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) will hold its 2016 Outlook Conference on November 14 – 15 at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Marriott. November will be here faster than we know it. And with it will come a new president-elect, new congressional leaders and a host of other factors that could affect markets in 2017. Now is the time to consider those factors and what technology you may need to use just to keep up. Welcome to Outlook 2016, your place to come together with other leaders in the Investment Advisor community to tackle these tough questions - together. Information and

Registration information for the NAAIM Outlook Conference.

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