Theta News – More New Active Models on Theta

In This Edition of Theta News:

* Theta Research is featured at Houston, Texas MTA Chapter meeting.

* The Growth Continues – Theta Research Announces Recent Addition of New Managers and Models

Theta is Featured at the Houston, Texas Chapter of the Market Technicians Association (MTA):

On Tuesday, March, 1, 2016, Mike Posey, Theta Research’s Marketing Director was the featured speaker at the Houston MTA Chapter meeting. Like his previous presentation to the Austin MTA Chapter, Mike shared his experienced-based insight on the due diligence process. Mike’s goal is to highlight business concerns once the heavy lifting of creating a trading model is done.

The presentation was primarily educational in nature with a focus on why it is important for Investment Managers to have a track record made up of actual, verified returns. Mike also discussed the inherent limitations of backtesting from a due diligence standpoint and why it’s especially important for early-stage Managers to document their performance in real-time trading.

Mike’s comments about his experience in the due diligence field closely follow those expressed in his recent white paper – The Importance of Actual Returns in the Due Diligence Process, a copy of which is available free of charge from Theta Research.

Theta’s Growth Continues – Announcing the Addition of New Models by Existing Managers:

Marty Kerns and Parker Binion of Kerns Capital Management announce the replacement of two prior strategies with their Sector Strength model. Sector Strength is part of Kerns’ Valarian Strategies and began tracking as of its inception date of December 1, 2015.

Another existing Investment Manager, Dr. Gary Harloff of Harloff Capital Management, has added three additional strategies under his University Beta Strategies series. The new strategies are Equity, High-Yield Bond and Government Bond. Theta Research began tracking these strategies as of their original inception dates in February and March of this year.

(Note that, as discussed the last edition of Theta News, the performance of these new strategies will not yet show up on the Theta subscription site since they do not have at least three months of actual performance data. In addition, two new Investment Managers and their models were added to Theta Research’s database but have chosen to remain anonymous.)

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