In the wake of significant volatility in the equity markets over the past couple of weeks, investors are again considering actively managed strategies that have the flexibility to move in and out of the market as conditions merit. In this issue of Theta News, we are pleased to introduce three new tactical strategies that are now being tracked by Theta Research.

Note that two of the strategies are from Investment Managers new to Theta Research while the other is from one of our longest-term relationships. As a reminder, performance data on tracked strategies will not show up on the Theta database until they have at least three months of actual track record.

One of our new Investment Managers is Robert (“Rob”) Bernstein, founder of RGB Capital Group, LLC. In San Diego, CA. Rob has submitted his RGB Flex+ strategy for tracking. This strategy trades at National Financial Services (NFS) and Theta will track the model’s actual performance beginning on its inception date of October 1, 2018.

Another Investment Manager new to Theta Research is Wyatt Miller, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Miller Capital Management of New York City. Trading at Interactive Brokers, Wyatt has requested Theta to track the actual performance of his Opportunistic Value strategy from its inception of October 1, 2018.

Theta Research veteran, Rich Paul, of Potomac Advisors in Lakewood Ranch, FL has added his EVO2 strategy to those being tracked by Theta. EVO2 uses the same basic trading system as Rich’s EVO1 strategy, except that EVO2 trades are subject to his discretion. Theta Research has independently verified the actual track record of this strategy back to its inception date of February 9, 2004.

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