So…What Now??? It should not be news to anyone that the stock market just recently experienced the longest bull market in history. Beginning in March of 2009, the stock market has weathered a number of major hurdles to continue its upward trend to an incredible new record of 3,453 days. In its wake, the S&P 500 posted gains of over 320%. The financial media talking heads are now busy trying to figure out how and why the stock market has posted this milestone. Some experts say that the bull market has more upward potential while others feel it is spent all of its energy and will soon take a nose dive. The problem with superlatives such as “longest” or “strongest” is that they lend themselves to reversals. It just makes common sense that that the stock market will experience more bear markets and corrections in the future. No one knows when or how the market’s upward push may end, we just know that we’re closer to the next downward spike than we were this time last year. Those investors and Advisors who believe that the market can’t go up forever are adjusting their portfolios to include actively managed strategies that seek to manage the risks inherent when the market superlatives turn negative. In this issue of Theta News, I want to introduce you to three new actively managed strategies to the Theta database. One model is from a new Investment Manager and the others are from names you will recognize as being existing Investment Managers on the Theta database. Our newest Investment Manager is Greg Corneille, CRPC, President and CEO of Axcel Capital Management, LLC. Based in Pasadena, MD, Greg has submitted his ACM Advantage Strategy for tracking. Theta Research has independently reconstructed this strategy’s actual performance back to its inception date of January 1, 2017. Investment Manager, Vern Bell, President of Texas Elite Strategies of Plano, Texas has submitted another model for tracking. This newest tactical strategy is named the Elite Relative Value Strategy (ERVS-A) and Theta Research has independently verified its actual track record back to its inception date of July 3, 2017. Finally, long-time Theta Investment Manager, Len Fox, founder of Scarecrow Trading has submitted a new strategy named the Scarecrow Blue Ribbon Portfolio. This is a new strategy having just started trading in mid-2018. Theta Research has established a tracking account and will continue to track this model from its inception of June 1, 2018. All the best, Mike Mike Posey Marketing Director Theta Research, LLC (512) 826-5553
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