Theta is pleased to announce four new additions to our list of tracked models. As usual, some of these strategies come from existing Theta Managers while others have been submitted by Managers new to the Theta database. Before discussing the new programs, however, a “Happy Anniversary” wish is in order.

Theta Research – 18 Years and Going Strong

It seems hard to believe but this year marks the eighteenth anniversary of Theta Research. Established in 1999 by Roger Schreiner and Paul Montgomery, and later owned solely by Montgomery, Theta Research was acquired by the Gary Halbert in 2012 and moved to Austin, Texas.

The Halberts are familiar figures in the wealth management industry, having pioneered public futures funds in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1996, Halbert Wealth Management (HWM), a Registered Investment Advisor firm was established by the Halberts and is where the relationship with Theta Research began.

As an RIA, HWM knew that it is often difficult to find active Investment Managers among the thousands listed on various databases. Even more frustrating was the fact that performance figures in many of these databases are not independently verified. Instead, they rely on self-reporting, backtesting and other hypothetical gimmicks to show what a strategy’s performance might have been, not what it actually returned.

HWM used the actual performance on Theta’s database as a resource to help evaluate Investment Managers who employ tactical strategies to enhance performance, manage risks, or both. Knowing that an Investment Manager’s actual performance had been third-party verified provided a big head start in HWM’s due diligence process.

Mike Posey was chosen as Marketing Director of the new Theta while Henry Rohlfs was named its Technical Director. Together, they have expanded the range of services offered, enhanced Theta’s capabilities and grown in the number of subscribers and investment strategies being tracked.

While much of the last few years of ownership has been dedicated to rebuilding the database and enhancing the software, we’re excited about the future. For Theta’s clients, it’s good to know that a valuable resource like Theta Research is still independently tracking the actual performance of Investment Managers and making the information available to those seeking actively managed investment strategies.

Now, let’s explore some of the strategies that have most recently been added to Theta’s database:

Models Added by Existing Investment Managers on Theta:

Ted Lundgren, principal of Hg Capital Advisors in Houston, Texas is an existing Theta Manager. Ted has recently established tracking of his Behavioral Diversification strategy, a multi-manager approach. Theta has tracked and independently verified the actual performance of this model back to its inception of January 1, 2014.

Existing Investment Manager, Christian J. Cyr, CPA, MBA, and Founder of Cyr Financial Wealth Advisors has established a new tracking account named the Dynamax 2X Strategy. As its name suggests, the Dynamax 2X strategy is a leveraged version of Cyr’s Dynamax 1X Strategy, which is also being tracked. Theta Research has independently documented and verified the track record of this model back to March 1, 2016.

New Investment Managers Added to the Theta Database:

Paul Glance, PhD, is founder and president of Glance Financial Advisors, LLC in Troy, MI, and a new Manager to Theta Research. Along with his son, Brian, Paul has established a tracking account for his Glance USO Strategy, a quantitative long/short energy sector strategy. Theta Research has independently verified the track record of this trading model back to January 1, 2017.

Alpha Retirement Wealth in Gold River, CA is another one of our newest Investment Managers. Co-Founders Colbey Philbin and Matt Curtis have submitted their US RPI A+ Strategy, which is invested according to the US Risk Parity A+ Index, created by Mr. Philbin. Theta Research has independently documented and verified the track record of this model back to its inception date of January 1, 2016.

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