Guest Pass Activity Increases After Election

It’s been a busy time since the election, especially in regard to Theta’s Guest Pass feature. For those not familiar with this option, the Guest Pass is designed to allow Theta’s Investment Managers the opportunity to share their programs’ performance on the Theta database with prospective investors. You can think of it as a temporary one-Manager subscription.

It’s also a way for Theta’s Investment Managers to highlight their performance on a one-on-one basis without the prospective client having to become a Theta subscriber.

While Guest Passes are used all the time by Theta’s Managers, the period of time after the election has been especially busy. We expect Guest Pass activity to become even busier after the end of the month when November monthly performance will be published on the database. If you are not a Theta subscriber but are interested in a particular Investment Managers’ strategies, ask them to set you up for a Guest Pass. You’ll be glad you did.

Check out Theta’s Newest Investment Manager Additions

We have added more new strategies to the list of trackedmodels and have several more pending as we work to reconstruct their historical track records. Our newest additions are as follows:

Patrick, MBA, CPA, CFA, founder of Martin Investment Management, LLC in Evanston, Illinois has initiated tracking of two strategies. First is an international strategy named Tortue (French for tortoise) Capital™ and the other is a “Best Ideas” strategy also known as Growth with a Value Discipline. Theta Research has independently verified the actual track records of both the Tortue and Best Ideas strategies back to their common inception date in January of 2013.

Hunter Young, founder of Chicago-based DelTheta Capital, has submitted the Talton Volatility Advantage strategy for tracking. Theta Research has independently verified the actual track record of this strategy back to its inception date in December of 2012.

A Heart-Felt Thanks from Theta Research

Those of you who have communicated with us via e-mail often see us say “thanks for your business” at the end of our messages. It’s our way of letting you know that we truly appreciate all of our Investment Managers and Subscribers, as well as those who have signed up for this Theta News blog. It’s also consistent with our belief
that thanks should be expressed all year, and not just around the official Thanksgiving Day remembrances.

Think of how pleasant it would be if everyone expressed thanks toward others as they should all year long.

Here’s hoping that you have the happiest of Thanksgiving celebrations and that you spread your thanks throughout the coming year. Who knows, you may just get a blessing out of it.

Theta Research

Henry Rohlfs, Technical Director

Mike Posey, Marketing Director

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