…But First, a New Investment Manager Joins Theta Research

Michael Kieffer, Founder and Portfolio Manager of Kieffer Capital, LLC introduces the Covered Options Investment Strategy. Theta Research has verified the actual performance of this model back to its inception date of 01/31/2013.

Theta Research Radio Interview

Theta’s Marketing Director, Mike Posey, was featured in an interview on Strategic Investor Radio. Conducting the Interview was Charley Wright, a 30-year veteran in the investment industry and is the Host of Strategic Investor Radio.

Charley is a Fee-Only Investment Advisor with Partnervest Advisor Services, LLC and focuses on strategies designed to protect asset values in declining markets while capturing gains in rising markets. In other words, Charley’s professional focus is on the kind of active investment managers you’ll find on the Theta Research database.

The podcast was carried on OC Talk Radio, located in the heart of Orange County, California and was originally aired in 2015. However, you can now find a recorded version of Mike’s interview on the Theta Research home page.

Education Webinar Featuring Theta Research

Theta Research was also featured in an educational webinar sponsored by the Market Technicians Association (MTA). The MTA Educational Web Series consists of hour-long webcast seminars featuring recognized industry professionals and are hosted several times each month.

In his presentation entitled, “The Importance of Actual Returns in the Due Diligence Process” Mike Posey discussed some of the perils and pitfalls of using hypothetical returns when marketing model portfolios, and how they can be of only limited use in the due diligence process. He also shared lessons learned from his more than 16 years in evaluating and marketing third-party investment managers

Mike’s comments were based closely on the Theta Research white paper of the same title. As with the radio interview, a copy of this webcast can be found on the Theta Research home page

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