Frequently Asked Questions

Theta FAQs
Money Managers Sometimes Ask These Questions
  1. Are the results you publish audited and/or “GIPS” Compliant?
  2. Can a manager send you account statements instead of the custodian?
  3. Can Theta verify historical performance?
  4. Do you charge for your tracking services?
  5. How often do you update your information?
  6. What about sensitive information such as account numbers and passwords?
  7. What are the benefits to me, the manager, of being tracked by Theta
  8. Where must a manager trade to be tracked by Theta?
  9. Who will be able to see data on my models?
  10. Why do you charge to track and report a model when other sites do it for free?
Investors and Subscribers Sometimes Ask These Questions
  1. Are all of Theta’s tracked managers registered as Investment Advisors?
  2. Can I get a subscription for less than a year?
  3. Does Theta provide an investment platform should I want to invest with one of its tracked managers?
  4. How do you get the data you publish?
  5. How much do subscriptions cost?
  6. How often is the data updated that you publish?
  7. What browsers does your site support?