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What the Theta Database is All About

Theta’s Mission Statement is simple: We provide real-time performance tracking and subscription services with an emphasis on actively managed investment strategies.

The Theta Research website is a searchable database of the actual historical performance of active money managers. As a Theta subscriber, you’ll have the opportunity to run ranking reports over a wide variety of time windows and then drill down into the details of money managers you find of most interest. Theta also provides a variety of analytical tools to help you compare various investment strategies to major market benchmarks and even to each other.

In today’s world of investments, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between real, historical performance and what essentially amounts to little more than make-believe. Backtesting and other forms of hypothetical performance illustrations can show you what might have happened in the past had certain investment signals been made and accurately executed. In contrast, actual performance shows you what did happen when the signals were actually traded. In other words, what you see is what you get.

While we all know that investment decisions should not be made solely on the basis of past results, Theta’s database allows you to see how money managers actually perform during historical market environments, which is an important element when evaluating any investment manager.


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  • Daily access to a dynamic repository of data on actual, actively managed investment models.
  • Ranked performance and risk statistics on actively managed investment models, updated either daily or monthly from data on real money accounts.
  • Detailed charts and tables containing actual historical performance and risk data on each model being tracked.
  • Ability to compare performance with a wide variety of industry benchmarks.
  • Qualitative data and descriptions on the firms managing the investment models and on the investment models themselves, including contact information for the managers.
  • Designation of certain models as “Favorites,” allowing more efficiently monitoring of those models of most interest.
  • Tracking of hypothetical combinations of investment models, with the ability to customize weightings and periodically rebalance the portfolio.
  • The ability to establish custom monitoring parameters for any model in the database, with an email from us when a monitored investment model goes “out-of-parameter.”



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