DAAT Asset Management

The Model:
Daat Dynamic Assets 1, DDA1
DDA1 utilizes strategic tactical asset allocation with an aggressive approach. The overall objective is to achieve capital gains in all market environments. Accounts are traded in open end mutual funds. Clients should have high-risk reward tolerance for the portion of their assets invested in this program. A proprietary allocation methodology is employed, which considers technical, fundamental and macro economic indicators.

The Manager:
Mr .Louis Robin began working in the financial services industry where he was a Vice-President, Financial Consultant at major wire houses, Shearson Lehman Brothers, EF Hutton and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. During this period, he became proficient in all operational and management aspects of brokerage offices. Since 1999, Mr. Robin has operated independently with several broker-dealers, most recently, Synergy Investment Group, from 2001 to 2006. During Mr. Robin’s over 20 years experience in the financial services industry, he has gained an excellent understanding of the securities markets and the factors that affect them. Mr. Robin began DAAT Asset Management in 2006 in order to offer his portfolio management skills and techniques to a wide range of clients

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