• Because nothing beats

    Verified, actual performance

    Theta Research is different from other managed account databases in that we independently verify the monthly and daily performance of our tracked money managers, net of fees. There is no self-reporting or hypothetical performance illustrations. With Theta, what you see is what you get. Read more

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    The Importance of Actual Returns

    Everyone in the investment industry is very familiar with the disclosure, “past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.” However, large individual investors, institutions and third-party Investment Advisors are often drawn to impressive historical performance. After all, imperfect as it is, actual past performance beats whatever is in second place by a country mile.” Watch the webinar.

  • Our focus is on

    Actively managed investment strategies

    Because of Theta Research’s concentration on actively managed investment strategies, passive buy-and-hold investment programs need not apply. Theta Research is committed to showcasing only the very best active management strategies from both established and emerging money managers, resulting in less “analysis paralysis.” Read more

  • No investment platform -

    Data is our only business

    Some managed account databases masquerade as investment platforms. At Theta Research, compiling and publishing the performance of actively managed investment strategies for our subscribers is our only business. Read more

Managers - Track Your Models

Let us show you how model tracking in the Theta system benefits your practice.

  • Independent performance verification
  • Detailed charts and statistics
  • Issue private “Guest Passes” to prospects
  • Models included in viewable rankings
  • Notification of guests who view your data

Model Tracking

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A subscription to the Theta online database shows you:

  • Model Ranking by Performance and Risk Metrics
  • Industry Benchmark Comparative Statistics
  • Detailed Charts and Tables
  • Rolling Time Window Analysis
  • Correlation and Composite Studies

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Watch our webinar for the Market Technicians Association with Shane Skwarek.

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